Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo

In this article, let’s take a look at the best air hockey ping pong table combo that you will surely love.

When the pandemic spread all over the globe, people were forced to isolate themselves from the rest of the world, restricting many individuals from going outside and enjoying outdoor activities. As such, indoor gaming setups noticed a surge in sales when people rushed to buy gaming equipment that isn’t as space-consuming as most outdoor games such as basketball and volleyball.

Interestingly, air hockey and ping pong are two of the most popular games that can be played indoors. They only require an air hockey table, which in most cases, can be converted into a ping pong table, and already comes with gaming accessories.

With so many choices available in the market, it is very grueling to evaluate each multi-game table one by one without knowing where to begin. In this section, we will learn about the key features of the best air hockey ping pong tables that make them stand out among the rest.

Finding the Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo —A Buying Guide

Since multi-game tables are quite a huge investment, it’s critical to think about factors such as the convenience of use, weight, size, material, pricing, warranty, and the variety of gaming alternatives available. These considerations will assist you in locating the best table that will suit your needs.

Ease of Use

When considering what type of multi-game table to buy, you should look into its ease of use with regard to your own gaming experience such as how often you believe you’ll use it and the type of people who will play with the multi-game table. 

If you think most players of your game table will consist of adults, it is fairly justifiable to buy a heavy-duty table that can cater to the needs of the adult players, while making sure that it is also comfortable for them to use (ex. Heavier tables with automatic scoring and sound system). On the other hand, if you want children to easily take part in playing, you have the option to choose a game table that is more suitable for them (ex. Lighter tables with lesser modern functionalities).

While many multi-use game tables make use of a fold-out panel, rotating tables are also another option when comparing game tables. While the availability of these different table types already gives people more options to choose from, conversion top game tables are also a good choice for those who expect children to take part in playing the games as they are easy to stack and replace, with the supervision of an adult.

Multi-Game vs Conversion Top

Multi-game tables are available in a variety of styles and include some of the most popular table games. Pool, table tennis, and air hockey are just a few of the games that may be played on a multi-game table. It is versatile and it can be converted into different styles to fit the needs of each game.

There are mainly three different types of multi-game tables: Conversion tops and other multi-game table types such as flip and hybrid are just some of them. To further explain the differences between these three, let us delve deeper into their functionalities.

Conversion Top

The conversion top comes with a pre-installed game at the top, as well as other sections that may be attached to play a new game. It includes a fold-out surface that fits conveniently on top of any standard gaming table. Conversion top game tables are recommended for individuals who are on a budget.

Flip Multi-game table

Flip tables usually offer two games, one on each side (top and bottom). It is very convenient for people who would want ample playing surface because if you wish to play a different game, you can simply turn the table over on its side and lock it in place.

Hybrid Multi-game table

Combining both functionalities of the conversion top and flip tables, hybrid multi-game tables includes most game tables that are labeled 10-in-1, 7-in-1, and many more. 

Depending on your preference and who you believe will use the table the most, you may choose between the different variations of multi-game tables available in the market.


In assessing which multi-game table to buy, you should be able to take into account your personal living space and the area where you intend to store your gaming equipment. 

On average, multi-game tables are usually about 72 x 38 x 31 inches. If you have more than enough space in the area where you wish to place the table, you can definitely consider buying average to huge game tables. However, if you do not have enough room space for the table, considering that playing the games will also entail you moving around, try getting a smaller than average table.

The smallest game tables weigh roughly 100 lbs, while the heaviest weigh over 400 lbs. However, keep in mind that the perfect game table should be durable and long-lasting, but it shouldn’t be too heavy. While a large gaming table may seem like a wonderful idea, it will be difficult to transport if you ever need to transfer it to another location such as your garage, backyard, or living room.

Material/Build Quality

Multi-game tables are expensive. Thus, you would really expect it to be of high quality and to last for a long time. However, while gaming tables are often expected to last for about five to eight years on average, it is important to note that this life span is also dependent on the material that was used to create the table.

Multi-gaming tables consist of different games being played in one table. Since there is a significant difference in how these games are played, you need a sturdy material that can withstand the different playing routines of each game, and the intensity of how each player plays.

Today, there are many different materials that are being used to create multi-game tables such as plastic, solid wood, fiberglass, and alloy steel among others. Although it may be costly upfront, heavy-duty materials such as solid wood and metal will definitely help you save more money in the long run. That being said, it still depends on your personal preference and the frequency of your usage: if you intend to buy a game table for everyday use, choose solid wood, but if you plan to keep it and use it on selected occasions, you have the option to choose the less expensive plastic material.


Game tables that offer a wide variety of games to choose from are unquestionably more costly, with prices ranging from $100 to $1,000. Since this is the case, many manufacturers thoroughly review their products and make sure that they are worth the money spent to purchase them. 

In order to give their customers a guarantee and to ensure that the multi-game tables are of high quality, many sellers offer a money-back guarantee which can range from 7 days to 90 days. In addition, they also offer warranties that usually fall between a year to a lifetime, with specific guidelines.

The Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo

RACK Triad – Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table

RACK Triad 7-Foot 3-in-1 Multi Game Swivel...
  • 🎱 Table Dimensions: 82” L x 44” W x 32” H ✅
  • 🎱 Made with high-quality material to ensure that you do not face any difficulties or issues while in the game ✅
  • 🎱 Play the Same Day - Quick & Simple Installation - Included Written Directions & Live Customer Support ✅
Need to Know Information


  • 3-in-1 multi-game table (Pool, Table Tennis, Air Hockey)
  • 14-day satisfaction guarantee
  • Lifetime warranty

What We Love About It: This multi-game table can be modified to allow individuals to play three different games. Aside from this feature, buyers no longer need to shop for separate supplies as the RACK Triad 7-Foot 3-in-1 Multi Game Swivel Billiard/Pool Table already comes with enough gaming accessories so that you can immediately play and use the table after setting it up.

The RACK Triad 7-Foot 3-in-1 Multi Game Swivel Billiard/Pool Table is one of the hottest multi-game tables in the market right now. It features an 82 x 44 x 32 heavy-duty table and includes a full premium pool table, table tennis table, and air hockey table accessories set. While it may seem overwhelming and tricky due to the many gaming options available for you to choose from, setting up the table is fast and easy because it comes with assembly instructions and support.

The multi-game swivel billiard/pool table comes with 2-57″ Maplewood billiard cues, a set of 16-2.25″ resin billiard balls, two cue chalks, ABS Triangle Rack and Brush, 9mm Thick MDF Table Tennis Top, two upgraded table tennis rackets/paddles with three balls, net, post, two strikers, and two pucks. If you feel the need for more equipment, you will be given free additional billiard cue and chalk separately shipped to your address upon request. 

RACK Pool Tables provide the best quality service to its customers by offering a 14-day money back guarantee for when the product does not reach the expected standard promised by the brand. The multi-game table also has a lifetime warranty, making the buyer feel assured that their investment is a good one.

ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table – Best With Sound Effects

ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table: 72 Inch...
  • TWO GAMES IN ONE & STRONG AIR FLOW: This 6’ ESPN hockey table is built for fast air-powered hockey and comes with a table tennis top that matches the Arcade table design and stows neatly underneath, making it a great addition to family game rooms
  • FAST-PACED GAMEPLAY: This game table has a 120V blower motor with a plug-in power cable to produce 75 CFM of airflow volume across the entire table launching game pucks into the PVC side rails to create fast gameplay
  • CRAFTMANSHIP: The table apron is made of MDF and PVC laminated with a graphite pattern, the hockey surface is made of MDF laminated with a 12mm air channel for puck action, the tennis top is 1/2” thick (12mm) and PVC laminated for ball bounce
Need to Know Information


  • 2-in-1 conversion table (Air Hockey, Table Tennis)
  • Modern LED scoring system with integrated sound effects, and push button controls 

What We Love About It: This air hockey ping pong table offers a modern LED scoring system with integrated sound effects, and push button controls that mimic arcade room setups, allowing you to have a full-on experience of the various games the table offers. It also already comes with accessories to give you the option to immediately use the table as soon as you finish setting it up.

The ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table: Indoor Arcade Gaming Set with Electronic Score System and Sound Effects offers a 2-in-1 game set that can be converted to either a ping pong or an electric air hockey table. It is ideal for providing entertainment in an indoor environment. With this game table, you will be able to cater to players of all ages by playing hockey with your family or engaging in a ping pong drinking game with friends.

It features a modern LED scoring system with integrated sound effects and push-button controls that contribute to the thrill and excitement of the air hockey game—imitating an arcade room experience from the comfort of your own home. The table also has strong fans and a glossy finish that prevents the air hockey puck from sticking and bouncing, enabling players to have a smooth gaming experience. 

In a matter of seconds, this combination of sports equipment transforms into a ping pong table. This top, which is 1/2″ thick and has a PVC-finished playfield, delivers ideal bounce and a smooth surface, giving you the ability to play at your best, regardless of your skill level.

This table’s features do not end there. Aside from the seemingly versatile tabletop, purchasing an ESPN Sports Air Hockey Game Table: Indoor Arcade Gaming Set with Electronic Score System and Sound Effects includes a hockey table with 4″ leg levelers, a tennis top, two pushers, three pucks, two balls, two posts, a net, and two paddles, making it the ideal all-in-one multi-game for your place.

EastPoint Multi-Game Tables – Best Value Air Hockey Ping Pong Table

Hockey + TT Table White
  • MULTI GAME PING PONG & AIR HOCKEY TABLE FOR ADULTS & KIDS - Two games are better than one! Designed as the ultimate rivalry, two-player game combo, making it an ideal sports gift or indoor arcade game for the game room or rec room. Accessories included.
  • AUTHENTIC ARCADE GAMEPLAY - Bring your NHL Hockey game to life with LED electronic scoring and real-life stadium sounds. Added suspense pairs well with its light-up power corners that pulse when hit and unpredictably deflect the puck back into play.
  • EASY AND INSTANT TABLE TENNIS TRANSFORMATION - Double-up on indoor games. Easily converts to a fast-paced match of ping pong in seconds—and vice versa—by placing the ping pong table topper on top of the default air hockey table.
Need to Know Information


  • 2-in-1 multi game table (Table Tennis, Air Hockey)
  • Scratch-resistant play surface
  • Automatic scoring and sound system

What We Love About It: This multi-game table includes built-in leg levers that guarantee a balanced and equal playing field for players on both sides of the table. It also comes with an automatic scoring and sound system that gives players the ability to continuously play without being interrupted.

The EastPoint Multi-Game Table is perfect for family game rooms, recreation rooms, and even man caves! It is a 165.83-pound plastic table and its base and frame are both made of alloy steel, ensuring that the table will definitely last for a long time even if it is heavily used. 

It comes with an automatic scoring and sound system, allowing players to experience hassle-free gaming. As both air hockey and table tennis require players to move back and forth to get hold of the puck and balls, it is important that the table in consistently balanced throughout games to ensure fair play; thus, the EastPoint Multi-Game Table offers leg levers that keep the table in place. It also comes with scratch-proof table tops for both games to guarantee a smooth playing experience.

When purchasing the product off Amazon, you will receive additional supplies that come with the package such as the conversion top that will be used to set up the ping pong table, two pushers, two pucks, two table tennis paddles, two table tennis balls, two steel chrome plates, and one net and post system.

haxTON – Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table for Kids

Soccer Foosball Table Adult Size: 48"...
  • ⚽ Enjoy Wonderful Game Time: The foosball table restore real football fields comes with 22 well-made players and the smooth green playground. Moreover, manual scorers on each side to allow you to record game score, making the foosball match more exciting.
  • ⚽ Durable & Sturdy Construction: Made of thick MDF fiberboard, this fooseballs table adult size has good impact resistance, which is not easy to deform or crack. Protective pads of the four legs ensure the overall stability of the soccer game table, while not scratching the floor.
  • ⚽ Easy to Assembly: The football table item with detailed assembly instruction and all parts delivered, it is easy to set up your foose ball tables with a finished size of 48" x 24" x 31" (L x W x H). You can assemble with a screwdriver and the kit supplied allen wrench, but a screwgun with bits will make the job much easier.
Need to Know Information


  • 5-in-1 Multi-Use Game Table (Foosball, Pool, Air Hockey, Shuffleboard, and Bowling)
  • Easily stackable and space-saving
  • Every purchase already includes all necessary gaming accessories for each of the five games available

What We Love About It: Since this multi-use game table offers the most number of games in the list that we have compiled, you’d think that it will be a hassle to store. Do not fret! One of the key features of this game table is that even though it has a wide variety of games to choose from, it is easily stackable and space-saving.

Last on the list is the haxTON 5-in-1 Multi-Use Game Table which is the best fit for families and friends who enjoy a wide variety of games. It will surely entertain all types of guests from small children to adults as it can be played both indoors and outdoors. This multi-use table offers different tabletops that allow you to play up to five games: foosball, pool, air hockey, shuffleboard, and bowling. It is ideal for everyday usage at home, in recreational rooms, and even in pubs. 

When purchasing this multi-game table, you will feel confident that the table surfaces and accessories are of high quality, as they are made of premium materials such as MDF, ABS, PVC, Metal, and solid wood. The replaceable tabletops are easy to stack and store as they perfectly fit each other to prevent additional movement, allowing you to save space.

The haxTON 5-in-1 Multi-Use Game Table comes with different accessories for all five games that are available: The pool table has a set of billiard balls, two cues, one ball rack, two chalks, and one felt brush; the foosball table has a football attachment and two footballs; the slide hockey has a hockey mat, two hockey pushers, and two pucks; and the shuffle and bowling board includes six shuffle balls and ten bowling balls. This type of variety gives you the option to not limit yourself in choosing one game when you can have five games in one table.

FAQ When Searching for the Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo

1. Are air hockey ping pong combo tables worth the money?

YES. Considering how air hockey ping pong tables can entertain players of all ages, including amateurs and seasoned players, it is definitely a good addition to your home gaming setup. Although outdoor gaming is now possible, indoor games such as air hockey and ping pong will still definitely be a huge hit when friends and family come over.

2. Do air hockey ping pong combo tables come with a warranty?

Since air hockey ping pong tables are usually used for heavy gaming by a wide range of people starting from amateurs to professionals, it is expected to be of high quality that can withstand most gaming mishaps such as crashes and collisions. Thus, most air hockey ping pong table manufacturers guarantee the quality of their products by offering lifetime warranties for their game tables, allowing customers to feel confident about this standard of their investment.

3. Are air hockey ping pong hard to set up?

Most, if not all, air hockey ping pong tables come with an instruction manual that guides you through the setup process. On average, air hockey ping pong tables aren’t difficult to put together, but they are enormous and heavy. Thus, keep in mind that when your table gets delivered, you should have a few people around to assist you in setting it up.

4. How long do air hockey ping pong tables last?

Generally, air hockey ping pong tables usually last for about five to eight years, making it a good investment in the long run. However, in order to achieve this, you must be able to thoroughly maintain your game table by cleaning it at least once a week and following standard cleaning procedures to ensure that it will not easily get damaged.

5. Where can I buy an air hockey ping pong table?

Air hockey ping pong tables are available online and in various sports stores. However, it is important to consider various factors when buying online and in person. 

When you order an air hockey ping pong table online, you should remember that you will not be able to see the actual product until it gets delivered to you. Thus, it is very important to check and go over customer reviews before placing an order to guide you in choosing the best option. 

On the other hand, when buying air hockey ping pong tables in physical sports stores, it is crucial that you consider that what is currently available may not end up being the best game table that would cater to your needs. Since there aren’t usually many available options on display, you will only be given limited options to choose from, unlike buying online.

Best Air Hockey Ping Pong Table Combo Conclusion

Investing in a good multi-game table that thoroughly matches your needs is very important. Given the numerous options available in the market, figuring out which game table is the most suitable for you will help you save up lots of money in the long run.

Multi-game tables have been a popular choice for indoor gaming equipment, especially after the pandemic forced everyone to stay inside their homes and isolate themselves from the rest of the world. This is because multi-game tables offer a wide variety of games that people of all ages can play without having to buy accessories individually from different sellers. 

Multi-game tables offer a sense of minimalism as one table can include up to more than 11 games, depending on its features. Additionally, most multi-game tables are extremely space-saving and easy to set up and use—making them a famous choice among game enthusiasts.

In buying the best air hockey ping pong table combo, there are several factors to consider: the convenience of use, weight, size, material, pricing, warranty, and the variety of gaming alternatives available—all of which have been discussed in this article. 

The leading air hockey ping pong table combos that have been featured above were chosen through various customer satisfaction surveys and feedback online. Thus, if you are interested in purchasing an air hockey ping pong table combo, check out the list we’ve compiled for you!