Best Ping Pong Balls

In this article, we will go through the best ping pong balls that will help you decide which brand to purchase.

Since there are so many different ping pong balls, it’s essential to know what to look for before deciding on one. To keep the game as exciting and fun as possible, you’ll need to get an excellent ball that suits well to your skill sets, but keep in mind to consider durable ping pong balls for long-lasting training and fun. Because ping pong balls look the same, there are significant differences in their sizes, weights, and bounce consistency, so finding the right one can be difficult, especially if you’re new to this game. 

It might be tough to evaluate each ping pong table when there are so many possibilities available on the market, especially if you don’t know where to begin. In this article, we’ll go through some of our best-listed table ping pong balls and a buying guide to assist you in making the best choice for your ping pong balls. This page has all the ping pong ball information you need, so you won’t have to do any tedious research.

Best Ping Pong Balls—Buying Guide

Many individuals don’t give their ping pong balls much consideration until they break during a game. Knowing what makes the best ping pong ball different from the average one can help you play better. Before you choose the best ping-pong ball, keep these features in mind.

Regulation Weight and Size for Competitions

To play at the maximum level and increase the competitiveness of table tennis, a regulation is imposed by the ITTF on the size and weight of the ping-pong ball in competitions. 

According to ITTF standards, the ping-pong ball had to be 38 mm in diameter, or 1.5 inches in diameter, according to ITTF. On the other hand, table tennis officials are worried about the sport’s declining spectator value as players got more skilled, owing to shorter rally durations. They devised a way to increase the diameter of ping-pong balls from 38 mm to 40 mm.

The ITTF has authorized table tennis balls to be 2.7g in weight. However, a threshold of 2.67 to 2.77 g is often considered. Ping pong balls that are lighter are slower and more prone to bounce, while heavier balls are quicker and more consistent. 

Star Rating

Ping pong balls are graded on a scale of one to three stars, with one star indicating the lowest quality and three stars signifying the highest quality. One-star and two-star balls are often not used in competitions due to their lower quality and lower cost. Furthermore, the three-star ping pong ball is the standard set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF) and is the best ball to have for a high-quality game of ping pong.

One Star

Ping pong balls with one star are the lowest grade balls and are ideal for youth groups or leisure play. These balls are available in a variety of materials, including polystyrene and celluloid. The softness of the one-star ping pong table reduces the bounce, making it less desirable to more experienced players.

Two Stars

When it comes to players that have honed their playing technique and are eager to take their game to the next level, two-star ping-pong balls are unquestionably the better choice. These balls are notably stiffer than the 1-star balls, which explains why they are also much more durable than the 1-star balls. Despite the fact that these balls aren’t utilized in competitive play, they’re still excellent enough to put up a good fight against your opponent.

Three Stars

In terms of quality, the three-star ping pong ball is the finest you can buy at this price point. If you want to play at a high level of competition, you should consider purchasing these balls. Hard hits are no match for the 3-star ball, and they often continue for an incredible duration.


Table tennis balls are only available in two colors: white and orange. It is considered that these colors have the highest contrast with the majority of surroundings, making them simpler to distinguish during play. When televised competitions are shown, white balls are often used because they make a better contrast for the people who watch them.

Top Ping Pong Ball Brands

Choose a well-recognized and established brand for ping pong balls because these have been in the business for a long in offering quality products. If you want to become a professional table tennis player, you should start practicing with the standard and high-quality ping pong ball. Although there is much diversity in quality even in the 3-star ball market, you generally get what you pay for; thus, consider the brand reputation when making a purchase choice.  

Quantity vs Quality

Ping pong balls in large quantities are required for training. As a result of their smooth, consistent bounce, these balls meet all of your criteria in terms of number as well as overall quality. Look for a three-star ping pong ball in bulk if you want to achieve high-quality gameplay.

The Best Ping Pong Balls

PRO-SPIN – Best 3 Star Ping Pong Balls

Need to Know Information

  • ITTF-Approved Ping Pong Balls
  • Covers a 1 year warranty
  • Rating: 3-Star training ball
  • Perfect for all ping pong table

What We Love About It: Pro-Spin Sports table tennis balls are designed to withstand any serve or smash, regardless of how much fun you are having while playing. Their quality is guaranteed to be outstanding at all times.

Designed for a sustained and precise Spin and bounce, Pro-Spin Sports table tennis balls are the best. Don’t ever deal with a ball that is easily fractured or damaged. You will not be disappointed when you get the Pro-Spin Sports Ping Pong Balls.

The Pro-Spin Sports table tennis balls are composed of ABS plastic, the most durable material available on the market, and far safer than the old-school celluloid balls previously used. Additionally, they are more ecologically friendly! All balls go through a rigorous quality testing process to ensure they are safe for amateur and professional players.

It is rated as one of the highest quality ping pong balls available. Whether used in competitions or for recreational purposes, these ping-pong balls can withstand any match. When you play with Pro-Spin Sports ping pong balls, you will immediately notice the difference in quality!

JOOLA Magic ABS – Best 2 star Ping Pong Balls

Need to Know Information

  • Includes 72 table tennis balls
  • Rating: 2-Star training ball
  • ‎Standard One Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

What We Love About It: The bounce, spin, and control of JOOLA’s practice ping pong balls are excellent 

The JOOLA Magic ABS Training Balls are an absolute must-have for any club’s training session. The uniform hardness of each 40+mm ball, which is made of high-quality ABS plastic with a seam, is exceptionally evident since each ball is made of the same material. With a steady flight trajectory and steady ball bounce, the 2-star JOOLA Magic ABS Training Balls are the perfect practice ball. 

The ideal combination of quality, durability, and value: Practice ping pong balls from JOOLA provide outstanding bounce, Spin, and control for players of all skill levels. These two-star ping pong balls are 40+ mm in diameter and are durable enough to be used in ping pong training sessions and family gaming rooms.

Franklin Sports – Best 1 Star Ping Pong Balls

Need to Know Information

  • Designed according to official 40mm and 2.7 g size and weight measurements
  • Suitable for practice or competitive gameplay
  • Rating: 1-Star training ball
  • Perfect for all ping pong table

What We Love About It: Franklin Sports Table Tennis Balls are built to have a consistent, dependable bounce and spin for a better gaming experience

Franklin Sports Table Tennis Balls are precisely crafted according to official size and weight specifications and are intended for consistent, exceptional play. With these outstanding features, despite being rated as a one-star ping-pong ball, players of all ages and ability levels can develop their skills or have some fun! These table tennis balls are also built to produce a steady bounce and Spin, making them great for leisure or competitive play.

These balls are 40 millimeters in diameter and 2.7 grams in weight, which follows the standard size specifications. In other words, training with these balls will help you prepare for games in which you will be utilizing balls that the ITTF has authorized.

Because these balls are smooth, they are designed to last for a more extended period, allowing the game to continue without the risk of cracks or dents. If you’re looking for cheap balls that you can use to practice and improve your skills, this would be a great option.

MAPOL 50 – Best Budget Ping Pong Balls

Need to Know Information

  • all Weight (g): 2.7-2.85 Ball Diameter (mm): 40.1-40.25 measurements
  •  100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE For 30 Days.
  • Used as Advanced training balls
  • Perfect for all ping pong table

What We Love About It: MAPOL Premium ping pong balls have a nice bounce, stronger power, and decent Spin, making them ideal for stadiums, clubs, and schools, as well as at home.

When it comes to quality, quantity, and affordability for premium ping pong balls, MAPOL is on top of the game. If you are looking for ping pong balls to practice with that can give you both quality and quantity at a very affordable price, MAPOL is the best choice. These balls are seamless too, and surprisingly, they are relatively reasonably priced for the amount of value they deliver.

MAPOL 3-star balls can survive severe knocks, and they generally withstand for a long time. The balls are particularly perfect for abilities like spin play and snappy handling.

Joola – Best Spin Ping Pong Balls

Need to Know Information

  • Color: Gelb/Weiss
  • Includes  12 durable dual color training ping-pong balls
  • Material: ABS

What We Love About It: JOOLA spin table tennis balls provide outstanding bounce, spin, and control for players of all skill levels. 

The JOOLA Spinballs are high-quality training and leisure balls that may be used for various activities. These dual-colored ABS balls with a seam are an excellent visual aid for table tennis novices learning how to distinguish between various spins. And on top of that, the brand JOOLA has been in the industry for more than 60 years, ensuring high-quality ping pong balls for competitive play. 

Its quality and durability are much better than those of other commercially produced ping-pong balls on the market. These ping pong balls with two colors in a 40mm diameter are great for serving your first ace or blasting the game-winning shot past your opponent, whether you’re a professional player or just playing for fun. 

Joola Spin table tennis is an ITTF-approved size and weight compliant with ITTF regulations. The official thickness ensures consistent bounce and durability, 86 mm and tournament weight of 2.7 grams, and the regulatory width of 40 millimeters—table tennis equipment for both children and adults.

It contains 12 ping-pong balls that are lightweight, wholly spherical, and durable dual-color material. These are perfect for practicing serves and hitting against many balls in clubs, schools, leisure centers, and resorts.

FAQ When Searching for the Best Ping Pong Balls

How are Ping Pong Balls Made?

According to the rules of table tennis, a player may win a game of table tennis by accumulating 11 points – with one point scored for each infraction – throughout the course of the game. Every player is given the opportunity to serve twice in a succession. The winner is determined by who gets 11 points first.

A point is awarded when a player’s opponent is unable to strike the ball over the net and onto the opposite side of the table with a racket, the player wins a point. 

What is the difference between seamless and seamed table tennis balls?

Seamless balls are more durable than seamed balls, and they also have a little more weight than seamed balls. Moreover, seamless balls travel through the air at a far faster rate than seamed balls. And compared to seamed balls, seamless has a more uniformed bounce. 

What are the best ping pong balls to practice with?

If you’re still starting to get the gameplay and style of ping pong, we recommend you use the Franklin Sports Table Tennis Balls. It is best for beginners who are still mastering the basics of the game. 

However, once you get the fundamentals of ping pong, like spins and control, you can level up your game and techniques by trying the PRO-SPIN Ping Pong Balls. It is a three-star rated ping pong ball that is ITTF-approved. This ping pong ball will prepare you for any competitive play. 

What Color Ping Pong Ball is Used for Tournaments?

The color of the balls is determined by the background. It should, however, only be white to orange in color. The shade for a dark backdrop should be white, whereas the color for a white background should be orange.

The dominating hue of a blouse, skirt, or shorts is another thing to keep in mind. A shirt’s color must vary from a ball’s color except for the sleeves and neck.

What Ping Pong Ball is used by professionals?

Professional players use the standard ITTF size (maximum limit of diameter is 40.50 mm, whereas the minimum diameter must be at least 39.50 mm) and weight ( 2.7 gm with tolerance with an upper limit of 2.77 gm and a lower limit of 2.67 gm.) for their ping pong balls. They utilize 40+ balls or new plastic table tennis for their competitive matches. 

Best Ping Pong Balls Conclusion

Your gameplay affects the kind and type of ping pong balls you have. If you are still starting, utilizing the 1-star rating can be an excellent choice to practice the basics. However, if you are ready to level up your game style, a 3-star rating ping pong ball would be the best choice. 

The ping pong ball is just as crucial as the paddle for each table tennis player. Many players consider the proper ping pong ball to be one of the most crucial pieces of their game, and it isn’t easy to overstate the importance they place on having the best gaming experience. 

When buying the finest ping pong paddle balls, there are many factors to consider: standard weight and size, star rating, color, brands, number, and quality—all of which have been mentioned earlier in this article.

Consumer response and satisfaction surveys established the top ping pong balls listed above. So, if you’re looking for a ping pong paddle that’s both high-quality and affordable, go no further. Check out the list we’ve compiled. Perhaps you’ll discover ping pong balls appropriate for your current gameplay.