Advantages and Disadvantages of Playing Table Tennis (An In-Depth Look)

advantages and disadvantages of table tennis

Whether you prefer to play singles or doubles, table tennis (which is also referred to as ping pong) is a fast-paced, highly competitive sport. Like all sports, it has its pros and cons. The pros include improvements in heart health, muscle function, and brain cognition while the cons include the possibility of blisters and that … Read more

Why Are Table Tennis Paddles Black and Red?

why are table tennis paddles black and red

Beginner players always ask me, “Why are table tennis paddles black and red?”  The answer is really simple: it’s one of the official laws set by the International Table Tennis Federation (ITTF). Why did they come up with this rule? And can each color impact your strokes? That’s what I’ll explain in this article.  What … Read more

Is Table Tennis Bad for Knees? It Depends. Here’s How

is table tennis bad for knees

Table tennis is a fairly safe sport, especially when compared to things like football, tennis, running, cycling, etc. However, injuries can still happen, particularly when participating in international competitions that push you way beyond your limits.  Is table tennis bad for knees? Not necessarily. You’re more likely to injure your ankles or elbows than your … Read more

How Can Table Tennis Improve Mental Health?

how can table tennis improve mental health

Did you know that table tennis is the world’s number one brain sport? Yes, it actually tickles our brains more than chess, puzzles, crosswords, and other brain-intensive games.  In this article, I gathered a bunch of interesting studies that investigate how table tennis improves mental health. But don’t worry, I made sure to exclude most … Read more