Who Invented Table Tennis? And Where Did It Originate?

who invented table tennis

Whenever we mention table tennis, China is, deservedly, the first country that pops to mind. Chinese players have gathered more than 85% of the total gold Olympic medals, which forces people to think that they’re the ones who invented the game.  In reality, table tennis was conceptualized in England by David Foster in 1890. The … Read more

Table Tennis Equipment: The Ultimate Guide

table tennis equipment

Table tennis is one of the most widely known sports. It’s enjoyed both professionally and as a hobby. One reason why it’s so popular is its versatility. Compared to other sports, table tennis requires a minimal playing area. So, you can play it anywhere, at any time. You can play it with two players or … Read more

Is Table Tennis a Lifetime Sport?

is table tennis a lifetime sport

Whether you call it “table tennis”, “ping pong”, or “whiff whaff”, you surely have tried or at least heard of the sport. It’s one of the most popular sports on the planet and has tons of health and mental benefits on its players. But, is table tennis a lifetime sport? One of the factors that … Read more